Vira Yakymchuk (born 1990) is a Ukrainian contemporary painter, one of the few fine artists in Ukraine. She is, above all, a self-taught painter, developed her original style based on the color of nature. Whose creative production revolves around classical figurative painting, presented in a modern manner. It reflects reality as a dream, which is also a reflection of real life. Vira Yakymchuk who spends most of her life in the world of dreams. Born in Husiatyn,  a small provincial town in Western Ukraine, Ternopil oblast, Vira spent her childhood in a village surrounded by animals and nature. From a  young age she dreamt of becoming an artist. She graduated from the Lviv Professional Art Lyceum with a vocational diploma in flower arrangement, then studied  traditional Ukrainian icon-painting techniques at the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) in Lviv.
In 2011 she took up oil painting in an attempt to copy paintings by famous artists.  In 2012 she met Turkish artist Fatih Gurbuz, who who made a profound influence on her art. In 2013 she moved to Istanbul, Turkey, where she continued her independent study of  figurative-realist painting. In 2015 she returned to Ukraine. The paintings of Vira Yakymchuk are part of private collections in Ukraine, Turkey, Italy, USA, Mexico and the Philippines.

The artist’s work is both a celebratory and critical exploration of the delicate and highly complex natural feelings and emotions of human the around the world and the human relationship. The work not only investigates the intricate interrelatedness of the human of these various world and feelings, as well as the formation of these systems through the naturally selective forces of reality, but also the human role as an force acting on these systems from the inside and around.