We are living in a hard time - a period of the materialism, capitalism,

momentary pleasures and in the extreme individualism. It is an era on

which the outrageous becomes " the new normal " and our capacity to

get shocked by the tragic events becomes muted. Crisis prevails, new

problems arise and a careless policy syncs into a society inured to the

ruthless, immoral behaviour which we are experiencing and reading

every single day about that. A global epidemic has taken hold of our

society: the indifference to suffer and need of others. One of the main

objectives of my paintings is to show dualism between the chaos and

perfection symmetry and in the sometimes I am trying to reflect our


Compelled by this reality, I create an art that questions has problems,

reflects on our lack of social awareness and compassionate action. I

think and feel that the people's soul and sensibilities of prettiness, purity

and harmony of a millennia-old vision spring to nature. It is the origin

and basis of life , of being. Much of what we live and experience is

today , in the truest sense of the unnatural word.

My images that arise as a result of a constant internal process,

thoughts and feelings that wants to be expressed. By my work I am

trying to reflect reality like a dream, which is also a reflection of real life

which we live in and feel. Sensations, images, ideas, concepts, thoughts,

emotions and feelings reflects objective reality experiences. They

express a subjective attitude of humans to objects and phenomena of

reality. My images inspire small associations with everyday of life. They

allow captured, "torn" penetration into the world beyond the limits of

distractions, dependencies, speeches, materials persecutions and


Where the balance of illusion and reality is in equality, there arises

the peace that brings us to freedom. We are with love can make

the most beautiful dreams, then the dreams can grow up within

soul, then to become the supreme factor which determines the

meaning of a person's life. We are all capable of the great change

and emotional transition. And I think the products develop from the

chosen theme and the image of the living, coming from everything

here and now. Ideally, everything happens, the person who seems

to be, and I am as an artist in harmony with the mood, environment,

nature and subject of the image.

Nature that awakens our souls to the vast inner freedom, allows us to

give up time and space. It is a powerful source of knowledge, which

through communication reveals its secrets to a person and makes it

more sensitive to the world around him/her. After all, a person's ability

to see around him/her, makes a perfect peace in his/her soul and a

sense of oneness with nature, helps to understand himself/herself and

others better.

By my works, I seek to reveal the invisible to the eyes of the indifferent

person: the need and thirst for a social changing. At the beginning, my

soul deeply touched the harmony and beauty of the modern. On the

screens of Pre-Raphaelites and Symbolists, I again found many

elements of my feelings. To paint is to reflect and to collect my

feelings and anothes feelings and memories, and to see what further

insights I may glean from them. I want to stop time for people to let

them bask in the eternity of the present moment, and to celebrate it.

The themes of the images, which, first of all, my picture, finally find

their fulfillment in my painting. In my paintings, the image of the visible

is only an environment for the transfer of symbols of a deeper reality.

Vira Yakymchuk